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9.2% solar-to-hydrogen efficiency reported with an indium gallium nitride photocatalyst & An Ecosystem for Green Hydrogen, a summit in Reykjavík

Unlimited Energy From Sun is one of best renewable sources
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Photocatalytic water splitting with 9.2% solar-to-hydrogen efficiency
A US research team has developed a new technique to produce hydrogen from sunlight and water. It works in an indoor environment and uses pure water, concentrated solar light, and an indium gallium nitride photocatalyst.

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a new system for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using sunlight, which has achieved a solar-to-hydrogen efficiency of 9.2%. The system utilizes the higher energy part of the solar spectrum to split the water and the lower part to provide heat to encourage the reaction, while also keeping the hydrogen and oxygen separate. It operates in an indoor setting and uses pure water, concentrated solar light, and a photocatalyst made of indium gallium nitride nanowires grown on a silicon surface. The nanowires are covered in nanoscale metal balls that assist in directing the reaction using electrons and holes produced by the absorption of photons. The system is nearly 10 times more efficient than similar solar water-splitting systems and has the potential to produce ultra-high purity hydrogen that can be used in fuel cells. The researchers published their findings in the journal Nature.

An Ecosystem for Green Hydrogen, a summit in Reykjavík, Iceland on February 28 to March 2, 2023

This event will discuss the various aspects of the energy ecosystem necessary for the widespread adoption of green hydrogen as a fuel source in industries, transportation, and society. The event will cover topics such as the role of wind and solar power, the need for appropriate policy and investment frameworks, and the availability of sufficient renewable energy capacity. Other topics of discussion will include water sustainability, the use of carbon capture and storage technology, and the comparison between green and blue hydrogen. The goal of the event is to provide insights and actionable steps towards achieving a coordinated and efficient green hydrogen ecosystem.

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