Top list of Commercial Electrolyzers for Green Hydrogen Production

Top list of Commercial Electrolyzers for Green Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen produced through the electrolysis of water with renewable electricity is a key branch of the Green Hydrogen concept. PEM electrolysis is widely used for this purpose due to its techno-economic feasibility for commercial projects and scaling up, however, other technologies such as AEM, alkaline and solid oxide electrolyzers are also available in the market as per the special needs of end-users. Since green hydrogen through electrolysis powered by renewable electricity is a trending business today there are many companies out there in the market.  Therefore, it is bit difficult to separate the serious businesses when you are preparing for the procurement process. We hope our list will help you in the desk research which is usually the initial step any smart engineer/executive would involve during the procurement process. The order of the list does not show any superiority. This is a complex business that depends on multiple variables when come to selecting a suitable manufacturer for the electrolyzer for a specific need. Electrolyzers are coming with complicated features and according to business propositions and we hope our list will help you with it. Do not be hesitate to contact us if you need further help.

Key Listing

  1. Siemens Silyzer - Silyzer is the trademark green hydrogen solution of Siemens company where it can scale up to the double-digit megawatt scale. Their electrolyzer is based on the PEM electrolysis as it is with the common trend in the industry. Siemens has a series of electroyers in their portfolio to cater diversified needs of customers, Silyzer 300 is the latest, most powerful product line of siemens of which power consumption varies in range of double-digit megawatt range and production capacity in 100 – 2,000 kg per hour range. Siemens is one of leading PEM electrolyzer manufacturer in the market for Green Hydrogen production.
Silyzer 300 - The green hydrogen solution of Siemens company. Source:

2. Cummins Hylyzer

HyLYZER is Cummins' well established modular water electrolyzer system in the market which has been designed for easy on-site installation inside or out. It is coming with features that support simple interconnectivity to scale up, and an unrivalled record for reliability, low maintenance and on-site safety. The HyLYZER is recommended for projects between 1,000 - 10,000 Nm3/h (Normal cubic meters per hour)

One of the four Cummins HyLyzer electrolyzer skids that have been fitted in an existing Air Liquide hydrogen production facility in Bécancour, Quebec, Canada. - Source:

3. ITM-Power - ITM is one of the best in the market so that they were picked by two leading cooperations for their green hydrogen initiatives; Shell and Linde. Shell is an energy tycoon and Linde is a pioneering gas company in the world. Shell picked an ITM 10 MW electrolyser for their green hydrogen facility at Energy and Chemicals Park Rheinland refinery in Wesseling, Germany with funding from the European Commission’s Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU). Linde has formed a joint venture where it focuses on the green hydrogen gas business while ITM is facilitating the process by designing and manufacturing the modular PEM electrolyser.  

ITM - HGasXMW: A modular based system capable of large-scale hydrogen production. Source:

4.  Nel

Nel’s water electrolysers which are coming in a wide range of operability with power requirements ranging from a few hundred Watts for small electrolyzers, to > 1 MW for larger systems is an ideal solution for many industries including green hydrogen projects. It produces hydrogen on-demand, they can also eliminate the need for stored hydrogen, saving valuable floor space and increasing plant safety. When connected to a source of renewable energy, these electrolysers will produce green hydrogen, reducing your plant’s carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

  • Based on Alkaline and Proton® PEM technologies
  • The safe, clean and cost-effective operation which is environmentally friendly
  • Consistent purity and pressure of the generated hydrogen
  • Eliminate hazardous hydrogen delivery and storage
  • Scalability to match your operational needs

Additional List

In addition to these key players in the market, we can see the following companies providing electrolyzers for the projects.

The Topsoe SOEC electrolyzer

The Topsoe SOEC electrolyzer is a modular unit built primarily from abundant, low-cost ceramic materials enclosed in a metal frame. Topsoe is unique from other technologies as it is a high-temperature electrolysis process with a proprietary solid-oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC).

Green Hydrogen | Efficient green hydrogen electrolysis
More competitive green hydrogen produced by SOEC electrolysis. The process uses electrical power from renewable sources to split water & produce hydrogen.
Topsoe Electrolyzers: Equipped with proprietary solid-oxide electrolysis cells

Enapter - AEM electrolyzers (Ideal for small scale/lab scale/pilot scale projects/demonstrations)

Enapter is providing Anion Exchange Membrane electrolyzers which are scalable (stackable) and available from small scales such as kg/hr and sizes such as modular weight of 55 kg (without water).

The AEM Electrolyser is a compact hydrogen generator that can be stacked and used in any industry. Learn more about our patented AEM technology at Enapter.
Enapter AEM Electrolyzers - * Patented AEM technology *Fully recyclable * Easy integration in 19’’ racks and High efficiency


Ecolectro combine the technological sophistication of membrane-based electrolysis(PEM) with the attractive economics of traditional alkaline electrolysis to make green hydrogen the best possible option, both environmentally and financially.

Ecolectro is solving the biggest challenges in making Green Hydrogen. Our alkaline ion-exchange membranes and polymers make clean fuel and decarbonize industry.

Electric Hydrogen

Electric Hydrogen is creating a new generation of electrolyzer technologies to enable clean, abundant, and low-cost hydrogen to end the age of fossil fuels

Electric Hydrogen - Charting the fastest path to cost-competitive fossil-free hydrogen
Electric Hydrogen designs and builds low-cost, high-efficiency green hydrogen systems to economically decarbonize industrial sectors like ammonia and steel

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