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A hydrogen-powered ultra-class mine haul truck and more Green Hydrogen news this week

hydrogen-powered ultra-class mine haul trucks are promising way of greening the mining industry
A fleet of ultra-class mine haul trucks

Anglo American recently introduced its newest green energy initiative, nuGen, a hydrogen-powered ultra-class mine haul truck which runs on #greenhydrogen. The total laden weight is 510t with a 2-megawatt hybrid battery/hydrogen fuel cell powerplant which is an alternative to the diesel engine used to consume 900,000 litres of diesel annually, The design work has been done collaboratively by Anglo American and our partner First Mode in Seattle, USA.

nuGenTM Zero Emission Haulage Solution is a hydrogen-powered ultra-class mine haul truck. Source: angloamerican.com

India and Italy jointly explore green hydrogen

Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar met his visiting Italian counterpart Luigi Di Maio 

India and Italy initiated discussions on working together to strength their potentials in Green hydrogen, biofuels and energy storage. This is an addition to the current strong colloborations and initiatives which India is having with their western allies such as France, the US and UK. The initial discussions happened  after the Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar met his visiting Italian counterpart Luigi Di Maio on Friday (6th May 2020).

India-Italy Will Jointly Explore Partnership In Green hydrogen and Biofuel Sectors
After countries like France, the US and UK, now Italy has also agreed to explore partnerships with India in areas such as green energy, biofuels and energy storage.

NITK to work on green hydrogen 

Professor Vasudeva Madav at National Institute of Technology Karnatak and his team initiating a pilot project that can make green hydrogen via seawater electrolysis. Cost of project is estimated at INR 1 crore and the team is searching finance through their network.

Nitk Project Aims At Producing Green Hydrogen | Mangaluru News - Times of India
Researchers at NITK Surathkal have come up with a pilot project, that can produce green hydrogen through seawater electrolysis. It is a safe and effi

More news:

TotalEnergies and Ørsted partner to participate in Dutch offshore wind tenders
Paris/Den Haag, 13 May, 2022 –TotalEnergies and Ørsted have joined forces to jointly submit bids for the two Dutch offshore wind tenders “Holland Coast West” with the aim to achieve net positive impact on biodiversity and the Dutch energy system.
Ørsted and TotalEnergies will combine their strengths to developing 70 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2050 with large scale hydrogen production.
Can German LNG Terminals Morph Into Green Hydrogen Hubs?
By Anna Shiryaevskaya (Bloomberg) Germany plans to abandon fossil-fueled power by 2035. But instead of shutting down natural gas infrastructure, it’s speeding up the construction of several new terminals that...
“The conversion of a LNG terminal to liquid hydrogen is a technical challenge,” and an economically viable business model is far from imminent.”
Affordable Green Hydrogen Is Closer to Reality Thanks to Solar Thermochemical Breakthrough
Despite controversies, hydrogen can be a great fossil fuel replacement and also a means of energy storage and transport. But extracting hydrogen is an energy-intensive process and most of the time not entirely environmentally friendly. A breakthrough in concentrated solar power could provide the sol…
The cost of green hydrogen is the only factor which hinders the rapid progress of implementing the strategy in the renewable energy and chemical industry. A paper published by Zhewei Ma et al at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory discuss Direct solar thermochemical hydrogen production by water splitting as a novel way to produce green hydrogen which utilizes the full spectrum of solar radiation and has the potential to achieve high solar energy conversion efficiencies.
bp bids for offshore wind in the Netherlands | News and insights | Home
12 May 2022
bp Refinery Rotterdam (bpRR) is a refinery which processes 400,000 barrels of oil per day to get 50,000 tonnes a year of green hydrogen to boost its effort in producing sustainable aviation fuels.