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Commercialisation of Monash Process: Jupiter Ionics: A Revolution in Green Ammonia Production

Commercialisation of Monash Process: Jupiter Ionics: A Revolution in Green Ammonia Production
Jupiter Ionics: Global leaders in green ammonia
Our patented modular technology will produce carbon-neutral, green ammonia at local, regional or national scale. It will help secure food supply chains, promote sustainable agriculture and transport, and enable the export of renewable energy.

Jupiter Ionics, an innovative clean energy company, has developed a unique, scalable technology that leverages air, water, and renewable energy to produce green ammonia, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional ammonia. Through a patented electrochemical process, the company has successfully demonstrated its commitment to sustainable practices and reducing carbon emissions​1​.

The heart of Jupiter Ionics' process is the breakthrough MacFarlane Simonov Ammonia Cell. Developed by world-leading researchers at Monash University, this innovative technology is the first of its kind to demonstrate ammonia generation with 100% selectivity, showing excellent stability in laboratory tests. The cell uses a high-performance design that optimizes efficiency, durability, and ammonia production, reflecting the relentless pursuit of advanced performance by Jupiter Ionics' team of talented scientists and engineers​1​.

The process to create green ammonia involves feeding nitrogen to one side of the cell and water to the other. Hydrogen atoms are stripped from the water molecules in the form of positively charged protons, which are then transported across the cell. On the other side of the cell, they combine with Nitrogen atoms to form ammonia (NH3). This reaction requires energy, which in this system is provided by renewable electricity. Consequently, there are no CO2 emissions associated with the production of ammonia, which can therefore be termed "Green Ammonia". The Green Ammonia produced is extracted from the cell and can be stored as a liquid under moderate pressures for use in a variety of applications​1​.

Jupiter Ionics' scalable, modular technology is not only capable of producing carbon-neutral ammonia for fertilizers but also presents the potential for green ammonia to replace fossil fuels as a source of energy and clean hydrogen. This technology shows promise in offering a safe and easily transportable energy source, making strides towards a more sustainable future​1​.

The company's contributions to the field have been recognized internationally, with key elements of Jupiter Ionics' technology published in prestigious academic journals including Science and Nature. This further solidifies Jupiter Ionics' place as a leading force in the world of renewable energy and sustainable technology​1​.

Jupiter Ionics continues to lead the charge towards a cleaner, more sustainable future with its groundbreaking technology. The company is at the forefront of green ammonia production, bringing us one step closer to a world where energy production no longer means harming our precious environment.