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First Ever Green Hydrogen Symposium in Sri Lanka - 21st Nov 2023 at Shangri-La Colombo

First Ever Green Hydrogen Symposium in Sri Lanka - 21st Nov 2023 at Shangri-La Colombo

The Green Hydrogen Symposium is set to convene at Shangri-la Colombo on November 21st, uniting industry leaders, policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders in a collaborative effort to drive Sri Lanka towards a greener and more sustainable future. The symposium aims to accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen and its derivatives, marking a pivotal step in the nation's transition from fossil fuels to net-zero emissions.

Key Objectives of the Symposium:

1️⃣ Roadmap Presentation: Unveiling Sri Lanka's strategic roadmap and actionable plan for the swift adoption of green hydrogen in the energy transition journey.

2️⃣ Infrastructure Development: Addressing challenges and identifying opportunities in the development of green hydrogen infrastructure to support the country's sustainable goals.

3️⃣ Technology Exchange: Facilitating the exchange of advanced technologies and expertise in green hydrogen production, storage, and utilization.

4️⃣ Investment Attraction: Showcasing Sri Lanka as a prime investment destination for green hydrogen projects, encouraging collaboration with both local and international investors.

5️⃣ Economic and Environmental Benefits: Exploring the economic and environmental benefits of embracing green hydrogen, from job creation to emission reduction and enhanced energy resilience.

6️⃣ Knowledge Exchange: Fostering collaboration among industry experts, policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders to share insights and expertise.

7️⃣ Integration Discussions: Engaging in fruitful discussions on integrating green hydrogen into Sri Lanka's energy landscape, ensuring affordable and reliable electricity supply for all.

Building a Sustainable Future:

The symposium will lay the foundation for a sustainable and prosperous future, aligning with Sri Lanka's net-zero emission targets, economic growth, and energy security. Attendees will have the opportunity to actively contribute to shaping the nation's energy landscape.

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