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Green Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition Oman 2023- 12th to 15th December 2023 at Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre

Green Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition Oman 2023- 12th to 15th December 2023 at Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre

The Oman Ministry of Energy and Minerals has announced the 2023 Oman’s Green Hydrogen Summit's agenda, set to be held at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre between December 12 and 15. The Executive Committee orchestrates the event, aiming to underscore the critical role of renewable energy and green hydrogen in the global energy landscape.

Focus Areas and Topics:

The summit will facilitate dialogue on a broad spectrum of topics including:

  • Global goals concerning green hydrogen.
  • Oman's strategic place in the green hydrogen industry.
  • Challenges faced in large-scale hydrogen production.
  • Markets, supply chains, policies, regulations, and certifications related to hydrogen.
  • The role of hydrogen in the global energy framework.
  • Local value addition and green hydrogen's impact on propelling a green economy.

There will also be extensive discussions on:

  • Financing mechanisms supporting the sector.
  • Sustainable transportation methods, including hydrogen-powered vehicles and air travel.
  • Innovative developments in green hydrogen technology and startups.

Participation and Collaboration:

More than 100 speakers and 50 exhibitors are expected at the summit, representing international and local energy giants like Hydrom, BP, Oman Shell, OQ, IEA, Asyad, BMW Group, Vulcan Green Steel, Thyssenkrupp, the Oman Hydrogen Alliance, and the Oman Hydrogen Centre.

Market Insights:

According to a study by Rethink Energy, the green hydrogen market's estimated value could reach a staggering $850 billion by 2050, amplifying the need to elevate hydrogen's status as a pivotal energy source in the future.

Oman's Potential:

Oman’s natural resources and progressive strategies could potentially position it as a vital global player in green hydrogen production. The summit offers an exchange platform for technical insights, idea expansion, and fostering development and growth in this sector.


Dr. Firas al Abduwani, Director General of Renewable Energy and Hydrogen, praised Oman's strategic alignment with the Oman Vision 2040. The aim is economic diversification, renewable energy advancement, and firm resolve to reduce carbon emissions, targeting carbon neutrality by 2050. The commitment to various hydrogen projects marks Oman's determined effort to become a leading hydrogen hub and transition towards ambitious energy strategies.

Dr. Khalil al Hanashi, Head of GHSO23 Technical Committee, added that Oman's unique combination of resources and aspiration makes it a staunch ally in the green hydrogen field. He emphasized the importance of collective endeavors to overcome challenges in technology adoption and implementation. Events like the Green Hydrogen Summit serve as catalysts for innovation, fostering collaboration, and building a sustainable future.

In conclusion, the summit is poised to be a focal point for global discussion on green hydrogen and a stepping stone towards realizing Oman's ambitious vision for a renewable future.

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