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India's first green hydrogen-run bus by IOC (Indian Oil Company)

India's first green hydrogen-run bus by IOC (Indian Oil Company)
Source: https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/ 

In a remarkable move towards cleaner and greener transport, India's top oil company, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), proudly introduced the country's very first green hydrogen-powered bus on September 25. What's truly impressive is that this innovative bus emits nothing but water as it goes about its business, underscoring IOC's leading role in the shift away from fossil fuels to more sustainable options. To make this happen, IOC plans to produce about 75 kg of hydrogen by using electricity from renewable sources to split water molecules. This green hydrogen will then power two buses, kicking off trial runs in the National Capital Region.

As these groundbreaking buses hit the road, Oil Minister Hardeep Singh Puri highlighted the significance of hydrogen as India's transitional fuel on the path to reducing its dependence on fossil fuels. It's the IOC's Research and Development Center in Faridabad that's pioneering the production of green hydrogen for this pilot project. These buses come equipped with four cylinders, each capable of holding 30 kg of hydrogen. This means they can cover roughly 350 kilometers on a single tank, and refilling takes just 10-12 minutes. What's more, these buses only release water vapor when the hydrogen burns, offering a cleaner and more efficient alternative to conventional fuels with zero harmful emissions.

And the good news doesn't stop there. By the close of 2023, IOC is aiming to expand this environmentally friendly bus fleet to 15 buses, signaling a robust commitment to greener energy solutions. These buses will undergo operational trials, thanks to their fuel cells powered by green hydrogen, on designated routes in Delhi, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. India's journey towards clean and green energy, coupled with its aspiration to play a vital role in the global energy landscape, is picking up speed with these exciting strides in hydrogen technology.

Moreover, with these initial two buses expected to rack up more than 300,000 kilometers in total, we'll gain invaluable insights into their long-term performance and durability. India's well-established synchronous grid, capable of handling intermittent renewable energy sources, combined with its extensive solar energy potential, positions the nation to shine as a major global producer and exporter of green hydrogen. This inspiring progress falls in line with the nation's commitment to decarbonization and mirrors the global surge in hydrogen demand expected by 2050.

To sum it up, the introduction of these green hydrogen-powered buses is not just a game-changer for urban transportation; it also establishes India as a pioneer in the production and export of green hydrogen. This endeavor showcases India's dedication to clean and sustainable energy solutions and sets the stage for a potential shift from being a net importer of fossil energy to becoming a net exporter of clean hydrogen energy. It's an exciting chapter in India's journey to become a global leader in environmentally conscious energy.