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This week's update on Hydrogen news, events and jobs

This week's update on Hydrogen news, events and jobs
The World Hydrogen 2023 Summit and Exhibition @ Rotterdam Ahoy, Netherlands - A key happening in next month in Hydrogen Industry. 

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Hydrogen Highlights

Here our aim is to provide you with a reliable and timely source of information, ensuring you remain informed and connected to the advancements driving progress in the hydrogen landscape. Dive in and explore the exciting and transformative world of hydrogen technology and economy at your fingertips. This week we bring you up these key happenings in the industry.

  • Thailand announces a $7 billion commitment to green hydrogen in partnership with a Saudi firm.
  • Researchers develop a seawater resilient membrane for PEM electrolyzers, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and durability.
  • India extends transmission fee waiver for green hydrogen plants to encourage growth and adoption of clean energy sources.


Hydrogen Highlights
Welcome to our specialized news page, meticulously curated to keep you updated on the latest happenings in the world of hydrogen technology and the economy. Here, you will find a comprehensive collection of news related to factory openings, policy announcements, grant approvals, and product launches…

New Events

Don't forget to visit our events page, where we've recently added a range of conferences, webinars, trade shows, and workshops focused on hydrogen technology and the economy. These events provide excellent opportunities for networking, learning, and collaboration within the industry. Mark your calendar and secure your spot today! We have listed some key events including the World Hydrogen Renewables Italy and The World Hydrogen 2023 Summit and Exhibition @ Rotterdam Ahoy, Netherlands.

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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities Are you seeking new challenges and career growth within the hydrogen sector? Head over to our jobs page, listing exciting new positions for professionals at various stages in your careers. Explore a range of roles that match your interests and expertise, and take the next step towards fulfilling your professional aspirations.

Green Hydrogen Jobs
Green Hydrogen related jobs in the US, UK, France, and Australia, institutions such as the world bank, ADB and organizations such as Europe Union

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