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Top 4 News in Green Hydrogen this week including BMW iX5 Hydrogen

BMW iX5 Hydrogen
Source : BMW Group 

#1: BMW iX5 Hydrogen

The BMW Group has started production of its "BMW iX5 Hydrogen model" which is a hydrogen-powered light vehicle at its Munich Research and Innovation Centre (FIZ) while exclusive components are made at the Additive Manufacturing Campus – the BMW Group’s competence centre for 3D printing. BMW iX5 Hydrogen is a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) with hydrogen fuel cell technology which has undergone an intensive testing procedure during the development phase. The model vehicle will be used as a model to promote carbon-free mobility in selected regions in Germany from spring 2023. The model consists of 12V and 400V electrical systems, a high-performance battery, an electric motor which is built with fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology and a fuel cell.  

BMW Group commences production of small-series hydrogen-powered model.
+++ Manufacture of small-series BMW iX5 Hydrogen at the Research and Innovation Centre’s pilot plant in Munich +++ Test fleet will go into service worldwide from spring 2023 +++

#2: Airbus looking at new green hydrogen suppliers in India, Australia and Latin America

European-based Airbus company is currently working on a hydrogen-powered fuel cell engine for its net-zero aircraft that will enter its commercial fleet by 2035. They already have signed a partnership agreement with HyPort to make sure the availability of low-carbon hydrogen to them at the Toulouse-Blagnac airport in France. Now they are extending the supply chain with potentially cost-effective suppliers in future at different airports and energy providers all across the world such as India, Australia and Latin America.

Airbus looking at India, Australia, Latin America for green hydrogen supplies
Airbus is currently developing a hydrogen-powered fuel cell engine for its ambitious zero-emission aircraft that will enter service by 2035. It has also signed a partnership agreement with HyPort to set up a low-carbon hydrogen production and distribution station at the Toulouse-Blagnac airport in F…

#3: Spain - The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez announced 250 million euro aid for green hydrogen

As a part of their strategic project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation of Renewable Energies, Renewable Hydrogen and Storage, Spain announced a 250 million euro grant via two lines. This is to support a large number of activities they have initiated to achieve the objectives set by 2030 to promote green hydrogen. One line will be directed to projects which are working to improve commercial viability for the production and consumption of renewable hydrogen in Spain and the second line will be dedicated to the development of large electrolysers and innovative renewable hydrogen production projects.

Spain - Government Approves the First 250 Million Aid for Green Hydrogen - Hydrogen Central
Spain - Government approves the first 250 million aid for green hydrogen. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced

#4: Netherlands-based Battolyser is to build 1 GW Green Hydrogen factory in Rotterdam

“This partnership will develop the first industrial green hydrogen equipment manufacturing facility in The Netherlands, With our offshore wind potential, strong infrastructure and world-class heavy industry, The Netherlands can now develop a sustainable and resilient energy system.” - said Mattijs Slee, CEO, Battolyser Systems.

Battolyser Systems is currently discussing on implementation of a system of 1 GW combining electrolysers producing green hydrogen in the M4H area, an industrial site in the heart of Rotterdam. The system is supposed to generate green hydrogen when wind and solar power are available at low prices and planning to provide electricity to the grid when prices are high. It is clear they are developing the factory as an Energy Storing Power-to-X model where Power-to-Power and Power-to-Hydrogen seem optimally used to create value.

Battolyser Systems Builds 1 Gigawatt Plant in The Port of Rotterdam to Meet Soaring Demand for Green Hydrogen and Electricity Storage - Hydrogen Central
Battolyser Systems builds 1 gigawatt plant in the Port of Rotterdam to meet soaring demand for green hydrogen and electricity storage
The investment is estimated to be about €100 million and it will require some 700 directly employed staff.