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Green Hydrogen Weekly Newsletter

Green Hydrogen Weekly Newsletter

Welcome to this week's edition of the Hydrogen Newsletter, where we bring you the latest news and developments in the green hydrogen sector. Let's dive in!

1. UK at risk of falling behind in green hydrogen race, warns Johnson Matthey

Leading chemicals company Johnson Matthey has warned that the United Kingdom is at risk of falling behind in the race to become a global leader in green hydrogen. The company has called for more investment in infrastructure and policy support to ensure that the UK stays competitive in this rapidly evolving market. Read more:

UK at risk of falling behind in race to become green hydrogen global leader, Johnson Matthey says
As the UK’s only home-grown battery company considers relocating to the US, the company responsible for most of the world’s catalytic convertors is warning the UK has already lost the race to produce the batteries needed to transition to cleaner energy.

2. India's green hydrogen demand to reach 2.85 MMT/year by 2030

A recent report by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) estimates that India's demand for green hydrogen could reach 2.85 million metric tons per year by 2030. The country has ambitious plans for green hydrogen adoption to meet its renewable energy targets, and industry leaders believe that India has the potential to become a green hydrogen hub. Read more:

India’s green hydrogen demand to reach 2.85 MMT/year by 2030, says USAID
USAID’s South Asia Regional Energy Partnership (SAREP) says in a new report that Indian green hydrogen demand will reach 2.85 million metric tons (MMT) per year by 2030.

3. ZHero developing two green hydrogen projects in Africa

ZHero, a green hydrogen project development company, is working on two large-scale green hydrogen projects in Africa. Co-founder Paddy Padmanathan revealed that the projects are in advanced stages of development and are expected to be operational in the next few years. The company aims to harness Africa's abundant renewable energy resources to produce green hydrogen for domestic use and export. Read more:

Zhero is developing two green hydrogen projects in Africa – Paddy Padmanathan, Co-Founder
There is a market willing to pay a premium for green fuel, according to Padmanathan

4. Accelerating a green hydrogen future in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is emerging as a leader in green hydrogen, with ambitious plans to scale up production and usage. The Dutch government's National Hydrogen Program and the country's strong existing gas infrastructure provide a solid foundation for the transition towards a green hydrogen future. As the Netherlands continues to invest in and support green hydrogen projects, it stands to benefit from the growing global demand for clean energy solutions. Read more:

A Green Hydrogen Future is Accelerating in The Netherlands - Hydrogen Central
A green hydrogen future is accelerating in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has strong ambitions to accelerate the energy transition and it

Stay tuned for more updates from the green hydrogen world next week!