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Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong - Green Hydrogen Project to Revolutionize Waste Recycling and Energy Production

Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong - Green Hydrogen Project to Revolutionize Waste Recycling and Energy Production
Source: http://www.chinapower.com.cn/jnhb/ljfd/20240227/236791.html

In an ambitious move towards sustainable development, the Nanhai District of Foshan, Guangdong, China, is set to unveil its Waste Resource Recycling Project in Shishan Town. Covering approximately 87 acres and boasting an investment of around 587 million yuan, the project is slated for completion and operation before the close of 2024.

This groundbreaking initiative, spearheaded by a subsidiary of Zhongpeng Future Co., Ltd., is poised to redefine waste management and energy production. Leveraging Zhongpeng Future's proprietary technology, which utilizes carbonization and gasification of domestic waste for hydrogen production, the project aims to churn out an impressive 73 million standard cubic meters (equivalent to 6518 tons) of electronic hydrogen annually.

Upon reaching full capacity, the facility will process an estimated 500 tons of domestic waste daily, yielding over 9,100 standard cubic meters of green hydrogen per hour, boasting an unparalleled purity of 99.97%. This substantial output is set to address the pressing issues of limited large-scale hydrogen supply and exorbitant energy costs in the South China Sea region, marking a significant stride towards large-scale, on-site production of green hydrogen.

Moreover, by integrating carbon capture (CCUS) technology into its operations, the project is primed to deliver substantial environmental benefits. With a daily carbon emission reduction of 385 tons and an annual decrease of 140,000 tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to planting 778 thousand trees yearly, the initiative underscores Nanhai District's commitment to combating climate change.

Recognizing the pivotal role of hydrogen energy in the 21st-century energy landscape, Nanhai District is strategically positioning itself as a frontrunner in the burgeoning hydrogen industry. It was emphasized at the inaugural ceremony that the district's ambitious plans to establish a RMB 100 billion industrial cluster dedicated to hydrogen energy and ammonia-hydrogen integrated equipment manufacturing.."

Looking ahead, Nanhai District remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing the hydrogen energy industry. By aligning with municipal directives and leveraging robust support systems, the district aims to expedite the project's construction and operation. In doing so, it seeks to propel Nanhai District towards becoming a national leader in the commercialization and innovation of hydrogen energy, heralding a new era of sustainable development.